Friday, June 11, 2010

Bilderberg 2010 and WW3

Last weekend, just a jog outside of Barcelona, Spain, the global elites met for their annual pow-wow on planetary politics. The shadow government of special interest billionaires and world leaders known as the Bilderberg group. If nothing else strikes you as odd about this group, you should at least find the fact that their very existence was denied by the mainstream media until the last few years a little interesting. Especially since the group was formed in 1953, and includes the most powerful heads of finance and government worldwide.

This year's meeting of the elites was heavily covered even in the mainstream globally for the first time. In attendance were non other than long time member Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Of course, both the Fed and Microsoft failed at weak attempts to disguise the true whereabouts of their representatives during the meeting.

Topics like population reduction were addressed by Gates, an outspoken advocate of eugenics and depopulation practices, as well as the usual development of a global currency championed by the international banking cartels. Most terrifying of all perhaps is the proposal of open war on Iran, and the apparent decision to move ahead with it. This information was leaked by longtime Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker last Friday, and confirmed following the conference when the U.S. and U.N. announced the stiffest sanctions ever issued against Iran.

Sanctions? Another word for hostile actions against a nation. To start with, plan A is sending in groups to remove Iranian nuclear scientists. Sounds like a U.N/S. kidnapping plot to me, and I'm willing to bet that Iran won't see it much differently. Hate to break it to you here, but this is war. What are the implications? WW3 maybe?

Vladamir Putin of Russia has warned Obama and the U.N. not to move into open warfare with Iran, the largest supplier of Russian oil. After all, the U.S. and coalition don't have the best track record as oil suppliers. Prices skyrocket when warfare reaches the oil fields, and Russia has little patience with others gouging their economy. Russia is also not overly fond of the fact that opium production has more than doubled from 3,000 tons to 7,000 since U.S. and coalition occupation of Afghanistan, which now produces 90% of the world's opium. More than 30,000 Russians died from heroin or opiate overdose last year, more than 3 times the body count of Russia's 10-year war with Afghanistan in the 80's. Brought to your courtesy of western farming techniques.

China has also responded with similar dissatisfaction, as heavy consumers of Iranian oil, and notorious non-fans of the Anglo empire and it's conquests. So what do I see playing out, in a nutshell? Just going out on a limb here, but it's pretty simple really. America uses "sanctions" (direct military action on a "small" scale) to force Iran into self defense mode. (Keep in mind, Iran has already avoided retaliation for multiple Israeli bombings on Iranian soil). Israeli Mossad (the best team for the job in the middle east) will probably carry out a false flag attack against American forces in the area, which will then be blamed on Al-Qaeda forces within Iran.

The American media will create a frenzy of anti-Iranian madness that will support the Anglo Empire's move into Iran, just like Afghanistan and Iraq. After all, Osama Bin Laden could be hiding there! I'm fairly certain I saw a cop searching for Bin Laden in a guy's trunk on the way to the office this morning. Bin Laden, a chess piece for the CIA to move around the world as they see fit, a rabbit to chase into any nation they wish to conquer.

Once in Iran, American forces will completely disrupt oil production and trade in the region, and Russia and China will become hostile. This is as bad as it sounds. Russia is essentially debt free and Putin wrestles polar bears with his bare hands. China has for all practical purposes the most powerful standing army in the world, and is also the largest holder of American international debt, even after selling much of their holdings. China also holds several massive naval ports and river sections in North American, owns both sides of the Panama Canal, and is constructing the world's largest naval base 3 hours drive south of Tijuana. Uh oh...

The bottom line is this... Justin called it, so did others. I've been saying it for a while. It is going to be war with Iran that lights the fuse to the stick of WW3 dynamite, and the fuse was lit at the Bilderberg conference last weekend, by the global elite. The NWO guys are at it again, and this is their masterpiece. We'll keep you updated, but you're hearing it here, WW3 will be on us by the end of 2010.
God help us.

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