Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to the Truth

What you'll find here will be 100% free of all right wing vs. left wing baggage. This is simply due to the fact that there is no real left wing or right wing as the overwhelming majority of Americans believe they exist.

In reality, both parties (Republicans and Democrats) are owned and operated solely by a tiny, powerful group of elite, who have developed and who maintain their power through control of the monetary systems of entire nations. These are the heads of the international central banks, who control the issuance of currency for national governments.

The "Right/Left Paradigm" is simply put in place by the Establishment to direct your attention away from the real events and people of interest. Think of the ongoing Right vs Left contest as just that: A contest. At times, I may refer to it as such, or as the Movie, or the Stage. But what they don't want you to see is the "Man Behind The Curtain".

Why raise such a stink, you might ask? We all expect corruption from our government don't we? We all know they're controlled by big industry and special interests, right? So what, let them play their games and make millions dancing on our constitutional rights, who cares? I have an iPhone :)

.................... Well, here's where I step in. You see, if the state of our union was just business as usual, I probably would stay on the sidelines. The problem is, the corruption we expect from our government doesn't touch the tip of the iceberg, and what they've kept almost totally hidden, is what effects their corruption will have on you, me, and our loved ones in the NEAR FUTURE.

My Purpose:
To bring to light the corruption in the high places in its entirety, awakening all freedom and life-loving people to peaceful revolution against the criminals who have highjacked our country. And in the process, you may even learn that our very history, on a global scale, has been hidden and destroyed by the same secret groups who endeavor to enslave and control us.

I hope you come away more enlightened, and moved to make a difference. Knowledge is power.


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