Friday, July 23, 2010

Smedley Butler - Overthrowing the Whitehouse

As is customary here, I'm interested in offering you only a taste of topics I feel are important to anyone who wishes to know the truth in a given field. I offer only a taste, and I always challenge you to further research what you find here, as I have no intention of running an information library, only a bulletin board for ideas and interesting facts. In other words, "google it!"

The following is a taste of what I believe is one of the most interesting and telling tales in the history of U.S. politics, military, and the corruption that binds the two together.

What is it, simply put?

Maj. General Smedley Butler, the most highly decorated Marine in U.S. history at the time of his death, was approached by a group of the richest men in the country (world), owners of big business and Wall Street, and propositioned to overthrow the president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and in doing so, overturn the entire U.S. government.

This is a fairly well-documented case, and General Butler even testified before congress, seeking prosecution of the conspirators who included the Rockefellers, the Duponts, Carnegies, and my personal favorite, Prescott Bush (father of George H.W. Bush).

General Butler was approached by these men and offered $10million and 500,000 soldiers to overthrow the president, placing the corporate elitists officially on the throne of America, and so essentially, the world. Butler declined and took the case public.

What happened? The corporate-owned media made a joke out of the entire story, ridiculing Butler, no charges were pressed, and America went on as usual. No mention of this in text books whatsoever... Strange? I think it would at least be worth a test question for bored high school government students.

A small handful of historians of made various allegations as to the authenticity of Butler's claims regarding the proposition, or the sincerity of it by the conspirators. I personally think someone of such lofty rank and accomplishment would know when someone meant business, especially before he testified to congress. Remember who we're talking about here, a 4-star Major General, the youngest ever in fact. No dummy.

Butler went on to write a Book, "War is a Racket", and lectured across the country on the evils of the Military Industrial Complex, which refers to the billion dollar corporations that rise up through the immense profits associated with wars, and their affinity for manipulating politics without hindrance through their finances and fear.

I always laugh when someone calls me a conspiracy theorist. It's funny because a conspiracy is a secret gathering of people to make a plan for something. Any time a door closes on a conference room sans media coverage, it is a conspiracy by definition, never mind meetings like the Bilderberg conferences. And a theory is kind of an idea you come to when you see evidence to support it. My friend danjo said it best... "There's a conspiracy, but it damn sure ain't a theory."

This is just one of the innumerable stories out there that clearly expose the "conspiracy" by big business and the global elite to overthrow our government and way of life. Perhaps one day, Americans will wake up and see through the facade of Right vs. Left and address the real problem, but until these stories are brought to light, those of us who know the truth will just be the nutty "conspiracy theorists", even if it's conspiracy fact.

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