Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Banks Robbing America Blind: It's How They Roll!

I'm gonna make this really simple to articulate for the layman who doesn't have 40 hours a week to dedicate to full-time geopolitical/economic research. Only when you really understand the simplicity of this, do you see that this country is run by bank robbers and criminals of the most vile sort. HuffPost Story Here

The top 5 mortgage companies in the US are..

1) Bank of America
2) JP Morgan Chase
3) Wells Fargo
4) Citi Group
5) Ally Financial

ALL FIVE of these massive, multinational banks have undergone investigation for defrauding the American taxpaying public of untold hundreds of billions of dollars yet again. And the verdict is in: GUILTY.

Well, verdict in the sense of "We know with certainty that hundreds of billions at least were stolen through defrauding the government, all at the cost of the taxpayers, but we're not really in position to take action against the perpetrators."

Here's what they did, in a nutshell:

1) Bank loans money to Smith family for home.
2) Smith family pays on loan for years, paying down principle.
3) Bank forecloses home illegally.
4) Bank takes money from government (paid by taxpayers) for TOTAL VALUE OF HOME to cover losses (and then some).
5) Bank profits immensely and repeats process several million times.

So there you go. So if the Smith's paid off half of their $300k home, leaving around $150k (plus interest), the bank would foreclose on them, file a loss to the government, and request the ENTIRE AMOUNT be paid to them by the government. So the bank profits $150k plus interest. High level bank robbery folks. And they've been doing it for years, and now the regulating agencies are trying to figure out what sort of slap on the wrist best suits the latest in a long chain of such flagrant strong-armed robberies at the hands of the international banksters.

I wonder sometimes how far a guy has to go to illustrate a point to a public so zombified by the most degraded social culture in the history of anthropology that it can't identify a publicized, national bank robbery of every tax-paying body in the country. My verdict is finally in.

"Convincing even one man to see what his brain has been conditioned not to, can be a lifelong battle you may never win. Convincing an entire nation? You do the math." - Me

Good luck, America. We're fucked.

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