Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Finally Dead! .... ?.... What?

So there we have it, America. Osama bin Laden, the 21st century bearded boogieman has been brought to justice. And after only 10 short years, 3 separate wars, a million dead Arabs, thousands of dead Americans, and a drone-decimated Pakistan, we can finally rest peacefully that the war on terrorism is over. Or not.

I'd just like to point out that we're talking about a guy who supposedly has been toting around a dialysis machine in the caves of Pakistan for 10 years. I'll go out on a limb and just call bullshit on this one. In the span of a less than one week, Obama has climbed two mountains by releasing his "real" long form birth certificate, and capturing the phantom of the middle east, both at a critical time in his first term.

(Below) Ex-Clinton adviser Mark Penn says Obama needs a 9/11 type of event to get his approval up, and stand a snowball's chance in 2012. I've been looking for this event for the better part of a year. Now I'm seeing events come to pass that could lead to just such an event. Be wary of a Taliban/Al Quaeda attack on the U.S. that will unite Americans behind Obama as it did after 9/11. They'll call it blow back, but I'm not so sure it will be.

For the record, I'm not stating that Bin Laden was most definitely dead as far back as 10 years ago. What I am saying is that we know his kidneys were failing 10 years ago, and dialysis machines are not made very cave-friendly. Have a look at the dialysis machine here and try to wrap your brain around how this would be dragged from cave to cave through the mountains, while fleeing troops, dodging drone strikes, avoiding detection, and maintaining an energy source. Sounds a little far fetched to me.

I would be interested in someone explaining to me any logic that would support him still being alive considering his medical needs alone. Then there's the other stuff...

Bin Laden was wanted by the CIA since 1998, but was visited by the CIA while undergoing treatment in an American hospital in Dubai, just 2 months before the September 11th attacks. If were such a high profile worldwide terror case, why wasn't he arrested on the spot? Good question.

Or how about the time the CIA admitted to releasing fake videos featuring Bin Laden discussing and boasting about the 9/11 attacks. What we actually know is that Bin Laden vehemently denied any involvement in the attacks whatsoever. The CIA produced videos that show a look-alike boasting about them. How's that for honesty from the government?

And really what does Bin Laden matter anyway? Initially, our military move into Iraq was validated by the bleak possibility that he might have taken refuge there. Then as he became a household name, he also became the chess piece of the U.S. government's military strategy, to move as they saw fit to any area they wished to focus military efforts. We now have 3 wars going, none of which require the Bin Laden validation trick, and permanent bases all over the middle east the size of American cities. Mission accomplished.

The issue is clear for anyone with two brain cells to rub together and an iota of capacity for critical thinking. The government (particularly the CIA and military assets within it) have lied to us repeatedly regarding the status of Bin Laden, and now they expect us to believe their newest fairy tale. I for one, am not interested.

Watch out for the blow back.

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