Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Killed:: Funny Quirks of the Official Story

So as with most major geopolitical developments, I figure a lot of this stuff will be swept under the rug soon enough, and lost to the sands of time in about, ah, a week or so, giving way to the leader boards of Dancing With the Stars on the front page of every major periodical in the country.

I thought I'd start a running chronology of released details from the government to the media as it trickles it's way down to the thirsty mouths of the zombified American public like runoff from a yellow snow glacier of sickeningly unbelievable misinformation.

The bullshit is getting deep folks, and we're only 24 hours in. Here's what we have so far.

1) Sunday, May 1, 2010: "Bin Laden killed by American missile".
2) Monday, May 2, 2010: "Bin Laden killed by special Navy Seal team, along with 22 others in a 40 minute exchange of fire. Killed by double tap to left cheek".
3) Monday, May 2, 2010: "Bin Laden living across from military complex for 5-6 years".
Couple of quick questions I have:

a) If Bin Laden was living across from a military installation, what's with the special SEAL team being dispatched. Doesn't take a SEAL team to bag a bad guy across the street. Plus, a SEAL team wouldn't need to rack up 22 casualties to bag a dude on dialysis.

b) The U.S. military and defense budget is larger than that of the entire rest of the world COMBINED. We spend more each month on our wars than most countries gross national product. If Bin Laden was in fact living across the street from a military complex for the last 5-6 years... and we didn't have a clue... every head of state, every military officer remotely associated with the "hunt" for BL, every intelligence operative in the world, should be put on trial for the gross negligence leading to the deaths of over a million Arabs, and thousands of our bravest men and women in the armed forces. Simply unbelievable. If you buy this, you'll buy anything. Even more so... if you buy this, and tolerate it, you'll tolerate anything. And being spineless is worse than being stupid in my book.

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