Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bigger Picture... In Short

This from a conversation with a friend earlier tonight. I just realized that I haven't actually consolidated the globalist agenda into a single post yet, and that in fact, is the most important concept to convey. What is the point? What are they doing? What is the endgame?

Here it is, in short. I suppose I'll come back with a more thorough article on this ultimately important subject platform, but for tonight, I'm exhausted, and I hope this will do. If you don't understand why we broadcast the information on the police state, the occult, the financial corruption, etc., this will make it simple, I hope.

No, you hit some key points. I just have a slightly different perspective on most of it, from the countless hours of research I've done on the behind-the-scenes facts.

For instance, there are four major countries left in the world that have no central bank owned by the Rothschilds. Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. How ironic, they happen to be the countries we're having conflict with :) So as far as the middle east goes (aside from the Israel issue, which I'll get into separately), the issue is over the Rothschilds setting up their banks, and the Jesuits doing away with the old world Muslim presence, which is their biggest opponent in global conformity (from a cultural and political aspect).

Then, you mention, "the U.S." as an entity... well my friend, I again would have to input that the "U.S." doesn't exist. At least not as an entity capable of making decisions as to who is a threat or ally. You see, there are no such things as countries anymore. There are only the international corporations who represent a "corporatocracy", or universal financial interest. Halliburton, Bechtel, Aegis, Titan, and others, especially the banks.

The Bank of England owns our Federal Reserve and essentially every other central bank in the world). Also, the IMF and World Bank, who put countries into insurmountable debt to take ownership of them. These institutions make the calls, and pass the direction on to their puppets. There is ZERO... Let me emphasize... ZEEEEEROOO decision-making power in our government, or "the U.S.".

These companies have no regard for borders or nations. They deal only in profit, and the politicians of nearly every country (not just the U.S.) are their tools picked from the shed to build their empire. The Bilderberg group is the most easily identified example of this. It's not about this country vs. that country, it's simply about which moves need to be made, and which conflicts need to be organized to generate finance and control toward the establishment of a global totalitarian state.

Check out this post on my blog, I'll probably have pt.2 done tonight or tomorrow. It explains it as simply as possible I think. Puts what we all sort of speculate into a picture so we see what exactly happens.

Global Conquest: Economic Hitmen

The plan is simple.
1) Use their control of all nations' monetary systems (which they now have)
2) To control the governments of all nations (which they now have)
3) Then organize conflict and economic disaster via the control of finance and politics to bankrupt all nations (which they have)
4) Present the global solution of a one-world global currency and government (which they've openly now announced)

You see, the illusion that the different nations war against each other for oil and other genuine conflict is just as theatrical and fabricated as the "republican vs. democrat" paradigm... It's all for show, so we don't see what they've really done, and really intend to do.

/close soapbox :)

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