Thursday, April 1, 2010

CIA Drug Operation Exposed

A little background on the last whistle blower in the video, Mike Ruppert. Ruppert is a former LAPD narcotics officer, acclaimed author, and high profile lecturer worldwide. During the 1970's Ruppert was exposed to CIA drug dealing operations at the highest level in the California corridor. He was approached by the CIA to aid in the operation, but blew the whistle instead, earning himself removal from the police force, multiple attempts on his life, and a future dedicated to exposing the massive secret corruption of our government at the expense of millions of innocent lives.

I highly recommend you search this guy. As an criminal investigator, his stance is always fact-based, and motive/method oriented, which has a certain compelling attribute to it. One of my most highly regarded resources of information.

It is not remotely far-fetched to believe that in a country run by a privately owned counterfeit operation (The Federal Reserve Bank) that bankrupts our country by design and loots us simultaneously, that the same Wall Street criminals are at the very head of the trillion dollar world drug operation. The CIA is the head of the international banks attack-dog branch in the U.S. Whatever profit there is to gain through false flag attacks, drug trafficking, war-provocation, the banks call in the CIA.

And what better method for explaining why a CIA plane might crash with 4 tons of cocaine on board, than to create the "War on Drugs", in which the DEA and CIA now have global jurisdiction, and have a rock-solid excuse for being caught with massive shipments of drugs repeatedly!

Just another profit stream of the banking cartel and government black ops exposed, lots more where that came from, so stay tuned!

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