Friday, April 2, 2010

We Called It - False Flag Attacks Equal Police State Invasion

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Following the subway bombings in Moscow this week, police and military forces made a showing a Grand Central Station in New York, claiming the purpose of terrorist deflection. Sure looks to me like another chance to run random searches and invade our privacy even more, as I said in my last post covering this.

Let's remember something: Just because you have nothing to hide doesn't mean you should consent to allowing random, unwarranted searches of your private property. This goes back to the Fourth Amendment, where we are protected against such things for a reason. If we let the government and police encroach in this manner as we have more than ever in the last decade of "rampant terror!!" (spooky!), then we condition ourselves and our government that such things are acceptable. This encourages the wrong behaviors from both sides, and will result in yet more of our liberties being trampled, and our privacy invaded.

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