Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spreading the Spirit of America?

What are we doing in Iraq and Afghanastan? For anyone that has anything to say about the "good" we're doing sending our young men and women to be brainwashed and desensitized to commit atrocities without feeling anything, you need to watch this.

If you don't absolutely despise the fact that Bush and his administration lied to get us into a war that Obama has lied to expand, you owe it to America to watch this video. I say you're a coward if you don't take 5 minutes to do so.

And this is only a few minutes we happen to have on camera, out of 10 years of fraud-based slaughter (it is no war at all). Imagine the depths of what really goes on, and then realize that these are the same troops who will be home after their tours, on your streets as police to enforce the fascist regime.

Act now America, or wait for the puppy tossers to kick in your door demanding to know where your fascist Obamacare card is, while they take your wife and daughter in the back room for entertainment. Is this the spirit of 1776? Of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? No, America, this is the spirit of 1940 Germany, of Adolf Hitler. It's time you wake up and see it before it's too late.

What's wrong with these guys, you ask? Why would they do these horrible things to innocent women, children, even animals? Once, when I was a very young child, I had a new soldier toy. I was throwing giant rocks at it playing war. I finally hit the toy, broke the hell out of it, and got really upset.

I was disconnected from what I was doing, which was destroying something of value, and action that had consequence. When it happened, I realized "Oh no, what have I done?". On a much more sinister scale, I think it's clear that's what's happening here. Unfortunately, the military men don't have the "Oh no, what have I done" setting. It's been shut off remotely by their controllers.

Military personnel are brainwashed from the start, their sense of self is destroyed, their sense of collectivism with the group is all that matters. They kill anything and anyone, because they have been completely disconnected with their humanity, and told to play their role devoid of any empathy or thought for self conviction. By definition, they have been turned into psychopaths.

They get into soldier role, and it really is like a young kid playing the video game Grand Theft Auto. The kid is playing the role of a crazed criminal type, running around shooting old ladies and stealing cars, things they probably wouldn't do in real life. However, they do become desensitized to killing or even regarding human life. Or puppies, it seems...

Last example I'll give was playing "Modern Warfare 2", you walk through an airport and have to kill as many innocent people as possible, including babies in strollers and such. My dad (a gun-toting Texan), who owns every Call of Duty game ever, and even has played Grand Theft Auto, was absolutely incapable of shooting any of these innocent people in such a realistic setting.

This was a little easier for me (generation of video games more so than him), and for my 12 year old brother, it didn't raise an eyebrow to waste the whole lot. We have been desensitized as a society over time, and mark my words: When these guys get back to the States, they will be the enforcers of Obama's fascist health care system, taxes, naked body scanners at the airport, random security checkpoints on the highways, etc.

And please... please... don't think they'll see you any differently than they do the victims in these videos...

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  1. Any Marine who sees those videos would think they are candy. Just sayin'. There are far worse things, and videos, that have yet to become public common knowledge. 1,500,000 Iraqis dead, to our 6,000. Do you think the Generals and geo-political strategists reason that they lost this war? They view this war as a resounding success. Dictator who outlived his use killed, check. Security of oil refineries and wells, check. All opposition drawn out through psyops, then destroyed, check. Military occupation and indoctrination, check. New state created with democratic process instituted, check. Creation of a trained military and police force, check. Sustainable military presence around the nations' critical resource infrastructure, check. All of these things done on a scale never before attempted in the history of man. So we know thier accomplishments, but what is their rationale? Their belief of the need to secure the natural resources of the Caspian Sea Basin while securing oil pipeline export routes. It is my understanding that they made this power play due to the rise of China and their concern China would soon be viewed as a more attractive partner for Middle East Oil than the United States. Their belief was that our economy and in turn our national security was still tied to Middle East oil for the near future anyway... Also research Sex camps-(google DynCorp and Halliburton)... When Marines go on convoy they always take shovels with them. That way the people they shoot were always planting IED's... The outrage with this video has given me hope, knowing that far worse things have yet to come to light. The outcry can do nothing but spread.