Sunday, April 4, 2010

Politics and The Occult: Pt. 1: Bohemian Grove

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This will be easily the most difficult article for most of my readers to digest that I've compiled yet here on TruthMax. I only go down this road in the hope that anyone who would visit this blog as a resource will research these facts for themselves to validate them personally. I can assure you, I do not lightly partake of fringe beliefs, and especially in the articles I publish, I have very solid evidence to back my points.

I've covered several topics here in the few days we've been up, from the financial system to the Bill of Rights, from the police state and false flag operations, to government drug cartel relations. Tonight, I'm going down a darker, but no less real road. The prominent figures of our world government and industrial leadership tied together through an ancient Babylonian religion of human sacrifice and luciferian rituals. Specifically, I'm going to cover now in introductory detail, the forbidden mysteries of Bohemian Grove.

In northern California, in the midst of a 2700 acre Redwood forest, a place exists where each summer, for two weeks, the elite of the world's industry and government meet to participate in bizarre rituals and discuss their plans for global domination. It's called Bohemian Grove, and it's so secret, even the local law enforcement won't say what takes place, or exactly who attends each year.

In fact, what information is available, has been made so through defected staffers of the complex, and covert media coverage. Alex Jones of InfoWars managed to sneak in through the forest to witness the climax of the retreat, known as "The Cremation of Care" in 2000. The video is telling, as well as disturbing.

Certainly reminiscent of the Tom Cruise movie "Eyes Wide Shut", where attendees don hooded robes and commit all types of dark ritualistic acts. Unlike the movie orgies though, the grove is men only.

Who? Why? What is the connection here? Well, we'll get there, but to make the real connection to any real degree, you will need to understand more about the global elite and the New World Order they are working to establish. My objective on this blog is simply to provide enough information to hook you and enlighten you, that you may see the writing on the wall, and pursue deeper knowledge on your own. When the site is up, we'll cover topics in more detail within their own categories. We're keeping it simple for now.

A few American based attendees include George Bush (Jr/Sr), Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the list goes on. Pictured above in 1963 are Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, 6 full years before Nixon's election as president, and nearly 18 years before Reagan. It is believed that both men were "made" at these very gatherings in the Grove, as are many if not most major political figures, policies, and ideals.

Ok, so what takes place, exactly? Well, we don't know...exactly. What we do know of the 2 week retreat is this:

- The richest, most powerful men in the world meet here in total secret, dressed in hooded Canaanite robes worshiping a 40ft stone owl statue imaged after the Babylonian god of child sacrifice "Molech". When you couple this with the ever-surfacing testimonies of unimaginable atrocities committed against children within the highest echelons of the elite, the utterly sinister image begins to become very clear.

Below, the streets of Washington D.C., outlined to show the figure of Molech, the owl god. The nation's capital was designed by the Illuminati via their sect in the highest degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

The elite of this world, at the highest levels, can all be tied together through these secretive, luciferian groups. At the pinnacle of all these secret societies, we will expose the true controllers of our world, the Illuminati. And these gatherings are their means of disconnecting themselves with humanity, as in the "Cremation of Care" ceremony in Bohemian Grove. It is how they flip the human switch to "off" in order to murder millions through engineered disease, falsely provoked warfare, and outright genocide, to gain status, finance, and power within their ruling elite group of only a handful on the planet. Some believe there is an even darker purpose, but I'll get there another time.

The stories are countless, and will leave you sleepless, as I am now, having browsed some old resources to brush up for this article. We must not let the murderous, secretive elite continue to ruin the lives of innocents through our own ignorance or unwillingness to educate ourselves. We must expose them, and the intricate machine of evil they have built to control our world, and keep us in the dark.

And the Bohemian Grove is just the tip of the iceberg.

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