Thursday, April 29, 2010

The World As It Is...

First, this video does a beautiful job of revealing the true nature of "civilization". It should probably be called "domestication".

And this video shows the reality on a smaller, more specific scale here in America.

We go through life learning and developing, some more than others. Some of us seek enlightenment and growth intellectually, or spiritually. What I'm finding is that most of us have walls and a ceiling on our growth, and we are quite happy with living in this container, or paradigm. I call it the "fish tank".

What would happen if you tried to describe to your goldfish, the existence of a whale? Your goldfish lives in a 5 gallon tank, and has his whole life. He has a castle, plastic trees, and a treasure chest. I don't think he'll get the picture. How could he? This world is all he has ever known, and it is simply impossible for him to understand that there is more.

The sad and sobering fact is that we humans are hardly any different. We go through life with a state of intellectual arrogance, believing that we truly are the top of the food chain, and the world we live in is as we perceive it. So foolish, but so easy to adopt is this mindset, especially because we are intended to perceive life this way.

I hope you enjoy the two short clips, they may change your life. I can't see how they wouldn't if you don't realize that you live in a fish tank already.

Open your eyes, the universe is much bigger, more dynamic, intriguing, mysterious, and frightening than you ever imagined. Not until you see the world for what it is, can you see yourself for who you truly are. Until you reach this point, you are merely stuck in the matrix.

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