Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Global Conquest Pt. 1: The Economic Hitman

This video is the one of many interviews with John Perkins, a professional "economic hitman". Perkins was one of many individuals contracted through the secrecy of a private international corporation to destabilize the economies of entire countries by convincing their leaders to accept massive loans they could never pay back, in order to take ownership of the country's infrastructure and natural resources, while winning billions of dollars in contracts for other international companies.


Here's how it works. We'll start with Bechtel for example. This titanic international construction company has been awarded multiple U.S. government contracts including a no-bid $2.4 billion contract to perform minor constructive repairs in Iraq following the invasion of coalition forces, as well as countless others, totaling in the hundreds of billions of dollars. (A no-bid contract means that it was simply given to them...no other company was even approached for a bid)

Then you have the World Bank, who will loan countries money for massive infrastructure projects at high interest rates that are never possible to pay back. When the country can't pay back the loan, they become essentially, property of the World Bank, though that is never announced the public in those words.

How do Bechtel and the World Bank tie together in this scheme? Well here's how it works...

Bechtel figures they can score some major infrastructure contracts in a foreign country, say Ecuador, building schools, road systems, power plants, etc. They talk to the world bank, explaining their idea. They ask the World Bank to approve a massive $10 billion loan to pay for the project, and of course they do so. The loan is totally secured, because it is backed by the taxes paid by the citizens.

So next, Bechtel calls an "international consultation firm" like the one Perkins worked for, and explains that they need the president of Ecuador to sign off on the project. An "economic hitman" like Perkins, will visit the president, offer massive amounts of money, or other favors, like United Nations votes, etc.

When the president signs off on the project, the world bank loans the money at high, totally secured interest, the president gets his payoff, Bechtel gets a tremendously inflated contract, and the people of Ecuador are stuck with the bill, being taxed on the project for the rest of their lives, and that of their children. That simple. But that's only if the ruler goes for the bait.

For the few who see the scheme, the project will certainly be met with less than open arms. If a ruler will not sign off on the project for bribery, the next plot is to send in Jackals, who will either assassinate or overthrow the ruler. The final option is open warfare, covered in part 2 of Global Conquest.

Welcome to the truth of what really takes place behind the story of war... And debt.

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