Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We The People - a poem by danjo


The system doesn’t work.
It’s filled with nothing but swine.
No matter who gets elected
“We the People” take it where the sun don’t shine.

One says welfare should be cut.
But fetuses should not die.
One says cut social security
and criminals all should fry.

Health care’s the big issue.
Now there’s a spot that’s sore.
I want the same insurance card
as the one carried by Tipper Gore.

Our military budget should be cut!
And let’s spread what we have abroad.
But with no army stationed here at home,
who’s going to protect our sod?

Campaign money comes from corporations
whose candidate they bought.
Launder the money off shore,
and hope they don’t get caught.

If the press finds out the facts,
it can’t be said they lied.
A press conference will state,
“That can’t be confirmed nor denied.”

Politicians all talk in circles.
We never know up from down.
But one thing is for certain,
the White House will contain another clown.

It’s no wonder that the people won’t vote.
Look at the choices we’ve got.
One is cheating on his wife,
the other is probably smoking pot.

The electoral college chooses the winner.
Or at least they’ll take the credit.
They get their hands on the ballots
and the numbers, they’ll surely edit.

Who gets elected doesn’t matter.
Because the president has no say.
Any suggestions he can make,
the senate will throw away.

You think it makes a difference?
Well, certainly not I.
Just open your next IRS letter
and breath a heavy sigh.

The president is just a puppet.
Some one else pulls the string.
And there you go again.....
“We the People” will feel the sting.


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