Friday, April 2, 2010

Whistleblowers: Dying For Exposure

Upon the conception of this platform (blog, site, podcast), the conversation certainly arose as to the dangers associated with undertaking such an endeavor as fighting the establishment, and exposing their corruption, lies, and murder all over the world.

Obviously, bringing to light information that could certainly disrupt billions of dollars in illegal secretive operations, and indict countless prominent political figures certainly comes with its share of risks, so why take the chance? It's simple to me, and I feel a need to take this opportunity to explain briefly where my motivation is, and make it very public what my intentions are.

I have a family like most Americans, friends and neighbors, most of whom have children of their own. The fact is that these children, and in fact all my friends, family, and neighbors are in grave danger, and most have no clue. Child Protective Services steals thousands of kids each year from their families with little or no reason or substantial proof of abuse or mistreatment. Then, by the hundreds and thousands, these children are molested, beaten, and/or killed by the negligent placement of the government service who claims to have their welfare in mind.

CIA and DEA drug running operations have entwined these agencies dangerously with evil, immensely powerful Mexican drug cartels, who have shown their power, reach, and ruthlessness across the country. We will never know the true number of horrific murders committed by these agencies and cartels against those who would stand against them, or even expose their operations through the media.

False flag terror attacks against our own citizens would certainly implicate the military, intelligence, and political officials who plan, execute, and cover up such atrocities. Certainly anyone the establishment deems a threat to their motives and methods of operation stands no chance against this titanic beast of power, finance, and evil.

I laughed in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, when the accountant learns through research, that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and attempts to blackmail him for money. Morgan Freeman's character says something to the effect of "Let me get this straight. You've discovered that your employer, one of the richest men in the world is a masked superhero who climbs over rooftops at night, beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and you intend to blackmail this person? Good luck."

That's very reflective of our endeavor here. You have proof that your government acts through various agencies to murder, provoke war, and steal trillions of dollars, killing anyone who stands against them, and you are trying to expose them? Good luck.

That being said, I've built a very small list of meaningful people who have caught my eye, who were murdered by the criminals they exposed. There are countless hundreds more, and maybe one day I'll get to the cancer and AIDS research doctors who have come up missing as they reached cures. You should know that these really do happen.

As for myself, I want to use this platform to make a clear statement:

I will NEVER commit suicide. I will never take my own life, as it is one with which I am very pleased, and in which I find endless joy. Not if I am diagnosed with cancer, or my entire family (God forbid) is taken from me in a plane crash on the way to a family reunion.

I will never plot to murder, commit violence against, or advocate violence against any political body, no matter how criminal, and I vigorously plead with other revolutionaries to fight with information as I and my partners will. Violence will only fuel the machine we oppose, and allow for the stripping of more of our liberties.

These things I swear on all that I represent. Never let it be said otherwise. If it is, know that something has gone very wrong.


Now for the list:

John Todd - Former Illuminati and Satanist who exposed Illuminist and Satanist secrets in the 1970's. Was eventually framed, jailed, drugged while in prison and driven crazy, then murdered. One of my favorite people of interest.

Bill Cooper - Exposed false flag government operations and broadcast them via radio show. Predicted 9/11 attacks with precision 3 months early and was murdered shortly thereafter by officials.

Gary Webb
- Investigative journalist who blew open government drug trafficking operations, funding money to the Contras through crack cocaine profits. Found dead in 2004 from 2 gunshot wounds to the head, ruled suicide.

Nancy Schaefer - Former senator who was instrumental in exposing government agency cover-up of child sex rings within the Child Protective Services. Found dead in March 2010 with husband, very suspicious ruling of murder/suicide.

David Jacobs
- A personal acquaintance of mine, workout partner and client who was indicted in a federal investigation of steroid rings in north Texas in 2008. After exposing local police and several federal agents, Jacobs and his girlfriend were found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. Ruled suicide. I know personally David was aware of the approximate time of his own murder beforehand, and that it would be carried out by law enforcement.

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