Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bliss is for the Ignorant

In the concept of this platform, I never even remotely entertained the idea of using this blog as a ranting post. I would like to excuse myself, but I can't fight it tonight. As I sit here perusing the web for bomb-shelter blueprints, food stores, non-GMO seeds, water filtration systems, emergency power generators, etc., I can't help but slide back from the computer and hang my head for a minute.

When will you people get it? When will you understand that it's not about the Right people or the Left people, the healthcare bill, or the teaparty movement? It's about educating yourselves on what is really happening, the sinister, anti-human plot behind the scenes. The rest is a distraction to keep you busy.

ITS ALL A SHOW! It's a show, and you're watching it, investing in it, subscribing to it like some shallow-minded ingrates arguing fiction with one another. SO SURE that the movie is real, and this world you've been told exists around you really is what they told you it is, even though you admit they're all liars and crooks.

You live in their movie like they want you to, you take their vaccine poisons, you drink your fluoride poisoned water, you eat the genetically mutated food, all the while shutting down your mind so you can be stupid and call me paranoid. I admit, life was so much nicer before I knew what I know now.

Ignorance is bless, eh? Let's see how blissful it is to have their bio-weapon, nano-tech, self-reproductive organisms tearing holes in your skin, while you watch your children die. Was it worth it? All the years of ignorant bliss, was it worth it? You watched a thousand football games, bought a hundred pairs of shoes, drank a million starbucks coffees. Hope it was fun.

Because that's what it comes down to. They're going to nuke us you people, and they're going to blame it on someone else. Maybe Iran, maybe Russia. In all likelihood they might blame it on the "Truthers", the "Birthers", or the "Constitutionalists", God knows that's a curse word nowadays.

And when they do it, they're going to ship the survivors off "for their own safety" to concentration camps, and you'll be tortured to death. And at some point, after it's too late, you'll reflect on things, and realize that you are guilty of self-induced ignorance. You enjoyed the bliss of staying ignorant as long as possible to live in your little child-like box of stupidity. And collectively, you and the billions of others contributed to the largest mass-genocide in known human history.

So that's it. I'm tired. Tired of trying to wake people up who want to stay asleep. Tired of trying to enlighten people who are in love with living in the dark. Tired of caring about people who don't care for one another. I'm tired of trying to save as many people as possible, when most of you don't want to be saved, or even to acknowledge that you need saving.

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one, and you people can't even do that. I'm done. Time has run out. Millions are going to die, and you heard it here. The end may not come this year, but the end will begin this year. I'd wish you luck, but luck has shit to do with it, and you'd probably just squander it if you got any.

I usually post links, but I'm not going to in this post. If you don't have the thought power or initiative to at least look through my blog and follow the rabbit hole, you're one of those I'm talking to here.

For someone looking to make some changes, and wake the hell up out of the matrix, research via google or youtube (my preference) a few key terms here:

New World Order, FEMA camps, Chemtrails, Fluoride toxin, Alex Jones.

That's all I have for you. I'll keep this blog running full steam for those of you who don't wallow in the fecal stench of your own apathy, but I'm done with the wake up posts. They're gonna kill a shitload of us very soon, you heard it here. Things are about to get much worse. And it'll all look very sensible, so you'll fall for every move they make.

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